Lalib is an 11 year old EU company headquartered in Funchal, Portugal.

Despite a high reliance on capital intensive outsourced hosting activities, Lalib has opted for an exceptionally high paid up capital of 400.000€, thus ensuring the highest level of trust from processing partners, corporate customers and end users.


Lalib manages a portfolio of 162 fully owned, and several thousand co-managed sites.


Its various development projects have created strategic partnerships with internet giants, such as Macromedia and ON2, leading to best in class technologies available on all Lalib managed sites.


To ensure the security of core client transaction information, the company is using ONI's state of the art Server park in Funchal.
Lalib's main pluses:


- Lalib has built a wide portfolio of payment processing solutions, providing the best rates and best technology on the market;


- Lalib is currently capable of handling over a million transactions per month, in 165 countries, in 7 currencies, for the widest available range of credit and debit cards on the market;


- Privacy for corporate customers: Lalib does not disclose the name of Master License Holders, thus enabling customers to freely transfer the management of their sites later without any brand damage;


- Lalib helps all Master License Holders, to setup a comprehensive pack of IP rights franchised to Lalib and authorized local licensees, free of charge.

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